At Koala Residential we specialize in all areas of residential design and maintain it as our sole focus.  We believe that our homes need to be viewed as a complete system that compliments our client's individual lifestyles and their communities.  We believe that, while a home can be one of the largest investments we make, they also provide us with a sense of family, community, security, and stability.  When your home is designed to compliment your individual lifestyle, you will not only enhance your lifestyle,  but when your home is viewed as a complete system, it will be both beautiful and functional and can be designed to significantly reduce energy demand and overall cost while providing even more to our lives.

At Koala, we pride ourselves in being one, of only a few, full service Design + Build contractors in Fairfield County. Unlike many others, our design work is done in-house and by us. As we collaborate with you to develop your vision, we are simultaneously working with our construction team  to maintain full control of budgets and scheduling; we pride ourselves in eliminating material and labor allocations which aids in the assurance to design a project within your budget.

At Koala, we believe that. Our Design + Build process ensures the highest levels of structural and finish quality, and performance while exercising full control of the budget the schedule.  We provide Award Winning design, meticulous project planning and management, cost certainty and the desire to always advance our building techniques and methods to provide you with beautiful homes that function as well as perform.


“Maximize your gains, minimize your losses” summarizes the approach to passive house design.

Koala Residential Lifestyle is now a certified passive house designer and consultant.  Passive house building has been around for about 30 years and through continued research and technology is vastly becoming the leader in highly efficient building construction.  At Koala, we believe passive house design, born from both common sense and a strong concern to reduce carbon emissions, will set the standard for how new homes are built and valued.  By marrying passive house design with a team who cares about the future, and the future of our friends and families, we create beautiful and functional architecture, which we all know, leads to beautiful and functional lives.


Passive House Design and Cunsultation