"Love grows best in little houses with fewer walls to separate where you can eat and sleep so close together you can't help but communicate and if we had more room between us think of all we'd miss love grows best in houses just like this."

Koala's Process

Here at Koala Residential we strongly believe a great new home or remodeling project begins with a strong process. We pride ourselves with being one of a very few companies that offer both design and build services under one roof, and keeping with our process allows us to create beautiful, well planned, projects while setting realistic start and finish dates. This allows all of us to properly plan for the busy months that will follow.

Collect Information


Our process begins with collecting as much information as possible. Your Designer will begin with the site measure which consists of measuring all areas of  your home that will be needed for your project. If your project is a kitchen remodel, the kitchen and the surrounding rooms will be measured and photographed so we can include every detail on the plans. If your project consists of an addition, all interior and exterior measurements will be taken, as necessary, for us to complete your Existing Drawings.

At this stage you will work with your designer to develop a "mood board".  The mood board, which can be a shared pinterest page or similar, will begin to outline your wants and wishes for your project.

With the Existing Drawings complete, and your mood board started, we begin mapping out your project.  Our round 1 design meeting can take on many different forms from reviewing your mood board, space plans, bubble diagrams, and draw overs.  This is our first opportunity to begin collaborating on the project as a whole creating a design order for all the individual parts. 

Round 1 Design Meeting

The Second Design meeting is where we begin to marry your wants, wishes, and needs with our concepts and strategies.  We start to look at black and white floor plans, site plans, and exterior elevations as your project begins to take form.

Round 2 Design Meeting

As the project starts to take shape we like to take a break to review the budget with you.  While never exact, as our design takes more shape we are able to put together more accurate budget numbers together for you which helps in our future decisions. 

Budget Meeting

We try to space our design meeting about 2 weeks apart to give us enough time to coordinate our design process along with out budget process.  As we continue to develop and finalize the designs we are simultaneously updating and finalizing the budget.

Round 3,4, etc

Following the Design meetings, you are presented with a fixed price contract based on everything we have selected, along with a guaranteed start and completion date. After the contract is signed, the drawings are made into a set of building drawings which can then be submitted for all applicable permits. When all permits are received and all working drawings are signed off on, construction will begin!

Contract, Working Drawings and Construction.


Koala's Services

One Source
Design + Build

What is One Source Design + Build? It’s as simple as it sounds.

At Koala, we pride ourselves in being one of only a few, full service Design + Build contractors in the area. What we mean by this is all of our design work is done in-house, by us personally. As we custom tailor your vision during the design stage, we are simultaneously budgeting, scheduling, and planning all aspects of your project. From the overall plan, to details as minute as cabinet hardware, we have the ability to select all finishes before your project starts.

By doing this, we eliminate allocations and cost overruns that many contractors are both  infamous for and enjoy. At Koala, we believe that if you want great design, meticulous project planning and management, and cost certainty; One Source Design + Build is the only way to go.